The Michael D. Band is a nationally touring independent country band based out of Lexington, KY that travels across the entire United States playing over 200 shows a year. They have gained a large and faithful following through their constant touring over the last 5 years. Their high-energy stage show and multi-part harmonies along with well-written and catchy original music consistently pull new fans in and keep them coming back for more.

The band’s latest album, “BACK IN TOWN”, is a compilation of incredible original material that has been fan-tested. The songs showcase the band’s versatility and ability to touch a chord in each fan through a wide variety of song themes, rhythms and styles, and even recording locations. The album includes breakout songs “Show A Little Skin” - a guitar fueled modern country/rock song, “The Memory” - a more serious and internal reflection tune, as well as “Friends Like These” - an acoustic ‘thank you’ to the fans. This album is the perfect example of The Michael D. Band’s sound and their ability to write incredible lyrics. Their attention to detail is evident in the effort they put into crafting each song and making them unique and still turning out a coherent, extremely polished, and emotionally evocative album.

The Michael D. Band is currently touring and promoting “BACK IN TOWN”. Their energetic performances and attitude along with their incredible talent appeal to all audiences. From the nationally touring Country and Rock acts they have performed with, to the Professional Bull Riding Events they regularly play, to the fairs and festivals and other shows they play throughout the United States; this band always captivates their audience. Their stage show and their new album fuses country and rock in an innovative way which excites the crowd and leaves them screaming for more.


Michael D. Band News

Bergstok Guitar Endorsement

The band has its first ever guitar endorsement with Bergstok Guitars, based in Wisconsin.  Bergstok has issued 2 new styles inspired by members of the band: the “Watson 5-string Bass Guitar”, and the “Kevin Rawlings Edition Electric Guitar”.  Both models were tailored specifically for Josh and Kevin respectively.  Go check them out at:

» Posted on 04.29.14

New Album Finished

Our brand new album “Back In Town” is finally finished.  After working on it for most of this past year, we are excited and proud to have it completed and to have new music available.  You can find the album on I-Tunes at:  We will also have it available at our shows as well. 
Also be sure to check out our new blog “The Road Is My Needle”, updated weekly at:

» Posted on 01.15.14

New Band Member Added

We would like to welcome the newest addition to our band - Steve Richmond on Drums.  With 10 years experience touring with Exile, Steve brings new energy into the band with his rock solid groove and seemingly unlimited vocal range.  His first show will be March 15th in Grand Island, NE at Full Circle Venue.
We look forward to Steve’s experience and enthusiasm, and are all excited to have him on tour with us.

» Posted on 03.04.13
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